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8th Annual Diversity Summit - Toward a More Perfect Union: With Liberty, Justice & Civility for All

March 1-3, 2023

March 1, 2023

Opening Keynote with Negin Farsad



March 2, 2023

Freedom of Expression in a More Perfect Union:  A respectful disagreement featuring the GW Debate & Literary Society





7th Annual Diversity Summit - The Audacity of Hope | The Power in Community

November 11-12, 2021

November 11, 2021


GW Scholar Speaker Series


Opening Keynote Speaker & Moderated Discussion

Hosted by Angela Davis, PhD & Jordan Shelby West, PhD


November 12, 2021


What a Decolonized & Anti-Racist Classroom Looks, Feels, and Sounds Like

Hosted by Maranda C. Ward, Dhymond Revan, Phyllis Ryder, Randi Gray Kristensen, and Jordan Potash

Improving Access, Striving for Equity: Exploring the Intersections Between Sexual Violence and Disability

Hosted by Maggie Butler and Beth Riley


Disability, Diversity & Inclusion

Hosted by Maggie Butler

Power of Mentorship: Best Practices in Partnership, Community Building, and Student Belonging

Hosted by Georgette Edmondson-Wright and Chante Clarkson


Rethinking DC Youth and Policing: Understanding the Critical Importance of Community Engaged Scholarship

Hosted by Dr. Ebony N. Russ, Kylie Foster, and Ale D’agostino

Cultivating Joy: Acts of Resistance and Action

Hosted by Jameta Nicole Barlow


Lunch Plenary - Scholar Panel on Immigration

Hosted by Trey Johnston, Dr. Elizabeth Vaquera, Dr. Kavita Daiya, and Dr. Niambi Carter

Critical Race Theory: Legal Origins and the Modern Political Debate

Hosted by Christopher Alan Bracey


Diversity Summit Closing - Trauma, Equity & Resilience: A Call to Action

Hosted by Wendy Ellis